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 time title topic

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PostSubject: time title topic   Wed Jul 23, 2014 10:00 pm

sunny hi .... the time is for the times ....  sunny 
i see all buxes work on server times .... whether local time or my time .... be it universal time ....
they reset their advertisements for us .... usually at 0000 of any of times or 0060 of any of times (lst, mpt or utct)
we might discover it if we pick up ads at 2359 and next batch at 0001 (after resetting) ....
i promise i shall promptly inform you if i find it out at any of buxes ....
 sunny  lst is local server time, while mpt is my particular time .... utct is universal time coordinated time  sunny 
 santa  ltc: netbux, 88bux and neobux are utc-4 or 4-utc ..... clixters at 2+utc .... and aed and gem are at utc ....  santa 
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time title topic
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