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 usernames & full legal names @ IP and ID

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PostSubject: usernames & full legal names @ IP and ID   Tue Sep 02, 2014 3:27 pm


yes ... username (nick) is not full (legal) name ....
.... maybe in some countries username must be same as full name ... nhhh ... okay
i have problem with choosing my country .... since i am an exo-entity ---- without a passport or ID card ...
.... they detect my IP's country on almost all buxes but pay pal (and some others) ask my ID ....
okay, as ucraineclixx said: we cant pay you in laos, so i opened another pp acc on a new ema, ucraine country, and will see ....!
... yeah .... this fiat-mundane area is for me a challenge .... since i am coming from crypto-divine realm of the civilisation ...!
santa santa santa santa
i am here to bring new rrrrr way of referring and to promote the universal provident usernames .... big job .... sg ... !
lol! lol! lol! :lol
this conixbux looks fine .... they have ad from clixten .....:
Payment rulles :
1. Make sure you have the full name assigned to your account.
2. In the case you have only one name is assigned to your account contact us !
3. Do not request the payment if your full name isn't complete or till is updated by us !
4. Members from Vietnam & China must upgrade the account or the payment will remain on pending until upgrade
Full name is the one that appear on your National ID Card / Credit Card . Nicknames are not the same as full name.
You do not have enough funds in your account to complete this operation.
Your minimum cashout is $2.00
all right .... but to me vapbux looks the goodiest ..... no grid, yes utc, fine and neat ads .... but bad forum .... nhhh

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usernames & full legal names @ IP and ID
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